VEGETABLE STARTS: Our certified organic vegetable  start selection has been growing every year and we now offer close to 225 varieties of vegetable starts for the home gardener. Best of all, we grow many of these same varieties in our own fields so you can be assured much of what we are offering you has been tested side by side with many other varieties, and you are getting the ones that were the most vigorous and best tasting for our New England climate! We take pride in our quality starts and the selection you will come to find here. Whether it is common veggies and herbs like summer squash, cucumbers, tomatoes (over 60 varieties), peppers (close to 25 varieties), basil and parsley or uncommon ones such as okra, celeriac, artichokes or stevia you will often find just what you are looking for at Clear Brook Farm. All our varieties are GMO FREE


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